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App Promotion on App Store


Mobile apps and games have become a big part of the modern software industry, and it's rapidly growing every year. It's hard to imagine our today's lives without chatting on the go, playing games on the road and shopping wherever we are. However, the growth and popularity came at a price – lower costs to produce something for a mobile platforms allowed smaller studios and even single developers to start making apps, and unfortunately this also resulted in numerous clones of popular apps and games.

As a result, as of June 2016 there are over two million applications and games released on the Apple's App Store and 6 million apps total released for the mobile platforms. This means that you need to start looking into the marketing of iOS apps and games right now, because it gets harder and harder to do it – after all, only 3% of developers and publishers start making money from their applications and games.Read on to find out how you can promote your application or game on the modern mobile market on your own to try to enjoy at least mild success. In some cases you may need help of a marketing agency, but in most cases these methods can be done on your own and on a rather tight budget.

Make sure the quality of your app is up to the standards

There are too many low-effort apps out there, the users think twice before spending their time and money on something that doesn't attract them. This means that you need to make the highest-quality app possible with your budget and abilities and make sure that it gets as much polishing and as many bugfixes as possible before the launch date. Sometimes taking an additional week or two to test the app and fix everything is a great idea, because the launch day and the short period after it define the first impression of the audience of your application or game, which will define the potential overall performance of your app on the market.

Test your app on as many devices as possible and make sure to do it thoroughly, because even a slight glitch can be a deal breaker to any user.

Optimize your app page

You can promote iOS app and game by making their app pages easier to find. By researching the relevant keywords and using them in the app description you can promote iOS games and application this way, because the keywords will get indexed by the search engines and thus make your app or game rank higher whenever someone makes a search query using these keywords.

Update keywords once in a while to keep them fresh and use consistently popular keywords. Also use them organically to keep the description interesting and fun to read. Don't pile them together – it will look like a mindless and low-effort description that can put off quite a lot of potential users.

Design a nice icon, pick the best possible screenshots and try to tell a story using them and then make a great preview video to convince the visiting user to download your app or game. By combining the researched keywords and the professional assets you can get the best possible effect from the mobile market.

Localization can help

Today, localization is in big demand due to the globalization. Consider using freelance translation services to get your app localized to the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese.

Be careful, though – double-check the translator's history to avoid potential fraud.

If nothing helps, then consider contacting a marketing agency to try to get better performance on the market for your app or game. There are no hopeless cases if you know that you need professional iPhone app promotion and nothing else works out as well as you expected.