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Promote app on Google Play

A lot of people are wondering about the opportunities to promote Android applications and games. Today, there are lots of them, but not all of them are as well-documented as one would have hoped. Therefore, a lot of developers have to save money for professional services instead of taking extra steps to reach their audience on their own and doing some early promotional tasks to make it easier to boost the popularity of their application or game.

Therefore, we would like to provide some tips and tricks that can help you promote app on Google Play on the modern mobile market at little to no cost.

Optimize the content on your page on Google Play

Search Engine Optimization is widely used today for a variety of reasons – first of all, it makes the product or service easier to find. By using it you can change the situation for your application or game in a lot of ways. First of all, your application or game should rank higher in the search results, which can give it a better opportunity to attract the users and give it a try. The position in the search results and Top Apps matters a lot – if you competitor happens to be above you and the user is happy with what they have got to offer, then it's a lost customer to you. Therefore, optimization can help a lot in the long run.

To use this method, start by researching the trending and relevant keywords. Write a captivating description for your application or game and use the keywords wisely to make sure that they allow proper indexation by the search engines and actually affect the ranking in the search results. Also consider picking a keyword for usage in the app title – this way you can maximize the results of this effect. Consider updating them once in a while to get the best possible results and also remember to keep them organic within the app description so it doesn't put off the potential customers.

You can also hijack some of the trending keywords if you can insert them into the app description wisely. It's also a good idea to insert the link to your application or game in the content you're posting online, for example in the Facebook group dedicated to your app or your e-mail signature. This way you can let more people find out about it and download it right away. This may sound too convenient to be true, and there is a small thing you should keep in mind – the change won't happen overnight. Search Engine Optimization works to improve the results in the long run, so be patient and keep promotion your app – don't stop, because the performance of your application or game depends on it. This way you can promote Android apps very nicely and efficiently.

Keep supporting your app no matter how well it's received

Even if you encounter negative feedback and negative reviews, remember that you've put too much time and effort into it to reach what you have got so far, and you shouldn't back down no matter what. Talk to the fan and try to resolve every issue, and keep promoting your application or game even if you have got the best reviews and hundreds of thousands, or even millions of downloads.

By resolving the issues in a professional and polite manner you can gain the reputation of a developer who knows what they are doing and knows how to treat their customers. If you have got a happy, loyal customer and managed to keep them, then it's another day at work spent well. Try your best to resolve any issue, no matter how big or small it is.

Here's a short list of things you can do to improve the performance of your application even if you encounter negative feedback:

  • Update your application or game regularly and inform users about the bug fixes;
  • Bookmark the reviews which highlight specific issues and inform the users about the changes to convince them to come back if they have decided to look for a different application or game;
  • Be polite and professional at all times, even if you encounter a very critical or rude review.

Don't stop promoting your app on App Store too. If you're making a game, then a small content update can get people talking about it. If it's an app, even the news of small improvements can attract more people. Use every trick up your sleeve to make sure that you end up with happy customers and gain new followers every time you do something.

In case you need more help with your marketing efforts

If you can't get the desired results, then it's probably time to start looking into professional marketing services and try to get good Android app promotion treatment for your application or game. You need all the publicity you can get for your application or game, and leaving it like this is not an option.